Now Now "Lonely Christmas"

Now, Now Release an Indie Christmas Track Perfect for Urban Outfitters: “Lonely Christmas”

Synth-pop has been done to death and then some.

Sure, it’s catchy and easy to listen to — moreover, with the proliferation of the internet, editing software and well, just stuff in general, it’s easy to make, but truthfully it feels like every “new” band on the market is doing it — and we’re not spared from it this holiday season.

“Lonely Christmas” is a generic (but very catchy) little holiday number by the indie duo Now, Now about the ever-depressing pre-holiday breakup. Naturally, this isn’t the first depressing Christmas song to ever be written, but “Lonely Christmas” is the sad holiday song for the Urban Outfitters crowd, who’s definitely too cool to be happy for the holidays or for Wham, but is definitely not depressed enough to listen to “The Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues. Weak.

Although this is a new song, “Lonely Christmas” by Now, Now feels very familiar… and if we’re being honest, a little too familiar.


Anyone who has worked a few holiday shifts at trendy coffee shops or boutiques in a mall has heard it — the sort of “not Christmas” Christmas song that’s almost worse than your traditional carol. What starts as a nice break from “Frosty the Snowman” becomes the bane of your existence, since (for some reason) your store has decided that you have to play Christmas music, but you can’t play traditional Christmas music, so you’re stuck with whatever this is and “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses.

At least “Christmas Wrapping” has a sense of humor.

At four minutes and nineteen seconds, the biggest flaw of “Lonely Christmas” is that it’s far too long for what it is. Realistically, the song could’ve tapped out a minute earlier and been just fine, but the fact that it drags on for another minute takes it from “pleasantly generic” to “droning on and on.” If the song ended at three minutes, it might be the kind of thing that you look up after your last minute gift-searching expedition, but at four minutes, it becomes the kind of song that you register is still playing on the overhead speaker and you think to yourself, “Is this still the same song?”

While Now, Now have a fairly impressive catalogue, (the Neighbors EP still holds up almost a decade later) “Lonely Christmas” sounds more like a discount Tegan and Sara song than a strong effort from the indie darlings.

Maybe next year will be better.

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