Best Songs 2019

The Top 9 Songs on Our Playlists Throughout 2019

9. “Nightmare” by Halsey

“I’m tired and angry, but somebody should be.”

No other song in 2019 summed up our shared frustration. Whether it was frustration with politics, social issues or just daily angst, “Nightmare” was on blast. This song was an important departure for Halsey as a musician, transitioning from her last album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom to her album being released in 2020, Manic. “Nightmare” has so much energy it’s almost too much for itself to handle. It mixes elements of horror, self-deprecation and confidence into one monumental statement. Sonically, it teeters on the line of hard punk and pure pop. It’s her most intriguing track to date and serves as an intense reintroduction to Halsey’s sound and personality.

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