Best Songs 2019

The Top 9 Songs on Our Playlists Throughout 2019

8. “White Mercedes” by Charli XCX

“I hate the silence, that’s why the music’s always loud.”

In 2019 Charli XCX blessed fans with her first full-length album since 2014. The self-titled album had countless collaborations with a diverse collection of artists, earning critical acclaim. She’s known for her over-experimental production and making songs specifically for partying, but in “White Mercedes” she gets more vulnerable than ever. The repetition of the phrase “I don’t deserve you” throughout the song, paired with her brooding vocals, creates a melancholy listening experience that you can feel in your chest. It’s an interesting Charli XCX take on a classic love song that highlights the emotional turmoil of not feeling good enough for love.

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