Best Songs 2019

The Top 9 Songs on Our Playlists Throughout 2019

7. “Like A Girl” by Lizzo

“If you feel like a girl, then you real like a girl.”

It’s no secret that Lizzo took 2019 by storm. “Truth Hurts” and “Good As Hell” charted spectacularly despite being released years ago. Lizzo demanded that the mainstream music world pay up her long-awaited attention and praise, and it was rightly given to her. Because of this, the bubbliest and smartest song on her debut studio album, “Cuz I Love You,” was overlooked. “Like A Girl” has lyrics that stop you in your tracks because of how clever and fun they are. There were no other songs released this year that had such ingenious lyrics like “Only exes that I care about are in my f*cking chromosomes” and “I don’t really need you, I’m Macaulay Culkin home alone” one after the other. It’s also important to note Lizzo proudly states that anybody who feels like a girl is a real girl. Having lyrics that uplift trans women in a mainstream pop song is worth celebrating. “Like a Girl” is an engaging song from start to finish, perfect for blasting before a job interview, while working out or just getting ready to take on the day.

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