Best Songs 2019

The Top 9 Songs on Our Playlists Throughout 2019

4. “Say It” by Maggie Rogers

“And every time our fingers touched // I felt like it would be too much // And too little to hang onto.”

Maggie Rogers left her mark on music in 2019, beginning the year by releasing her debut album Heard It In A Past Life. The whole album’s victorious, but one song stands out among the rest. “Say It” is as close to sounding ethereal as a song can get. It’s about not being able or wanting to admit to yourself that you like someone. Maggie’s vocals are heavenly, but it’s the brilliantly paired synths that shine through. It’s difficult to comprehend how dreamy synths, a hard hip-hop-esque beat and a frequent change of tempo can sound so coherent, but Maggie Rogers makes it effortless. “Say It” ends with a rain effect that could easily sound trite, but instead ties the track up in a perfectly whimsical bow.

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