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Haim Recruits Fans and Celeb Friends for “Hallelujah (Thank You Version)” Music Video

This holiday season, sister trio Haim is encouraging their fans to cherish their loved ones. In their new music video for “Hallelujah,” the Haim sisters asked fans to submit videos of them with the ones they love for a chance to be included in a beautiful montage of memories.

There are some familiar faces included in the “Hallelujah (thank you version)” video — friends of the band, including Emma Stone, Charli XCX, Childish Gambino and Clairo all make appearances throughout the montage. The videos from fans range from choreographed dances, laughing with friends, cuddling their dogs and cats, smiling with family, to holding a photo of someone who is no longer with us. Paired with such an emotional song, the video is sure to pull at your heartstrings.


The band describes “Hallelujah” as “a song about family, love, loss and being thankful for it all.” One of the sisters, Alana Haim, opened up on Instagram about her personal relationship with the song. She told fans about her best friend who passed away eight years ago and how the song is a tribute in her honor.

The holidays are not always happy and can remind us of those who aren’t here to celebrate with us anymore. With help from fellow celebrities and fans, the Haim sisters are reminding us to take advantage of the time we have with the people we love.

Featured Image: HAIM

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