Amy Winehouse Exhibit Set to Open at Grammy Museum

Get ready to step into the world of Amy Winehouse at the new exhibit opening at the Grammy Museum. Amy Winehouse is remembered for her amazing voice and songwriting and is being honored by the Grammy Museum for her career achievements. The exhibit, titled “Beyond Black — The Style of Amy Winehouse,” will open at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles next month on January 17 and will run until April 13.

Amy Winehouse was a six-time Grammy winner and this is the first time there has ever been an exhibit dedicated to her in the United States. The exhibit will showcase items from the late English singer’s iconic wardrobe, along with handwritten notes and journals from the singer. The exhibit will allow fans of Winehouse to get never-before-seen insights into her life and her remarkable career. The Grammy Museum released a statement saying, “This exhibit captures the spirit of Winehouse through some of her most cherished and unique outfits and showcases her wit and charm by displaying never-before-seen handwritten lyrics and prolific journal entries.” Amy Winehouse only released two albums before she died at the young age of 27, yet she left an incredible mark on the music industry and will forever be remembered for her many accomplishments.

Many of the items that will be on display at the exhibit will be auctioned off in 2021 with proceeds going toward the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which fights to prevent the misuse of drugs and alcohol on young people. This exhibit will definitely be a must-see and if you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should definitely try to check it out. Tickets will be on sale on the Grammy Museums website and are available to purchase now. We’re so excited to finally be getting an exhibit for Amy in the US and cannot wait to see what it looks like next month as Winehouse’s legacy lives on.

Featured Image: Instagram (@amysfoundation)