Machine Gun Kelly Continues Pop-Punk Era With Angsty Single “Why Are You Here”

Machine Gun Kelly recently released a brand new single “Why Are You Here” ahead of his upcoming fifth studio album, expected to drop in early 2020. “Why Are You Here” makes for a major standout track in comparison to some of MGK’s previous work. The single embodies an angsty, sour attitude toward one of MGK’s former flings.

MGK paints the picture for us, claiming that he and his ex showed up at the same club with different partners. In the heat of the moment, he can’t help but envy the other man and he eventually ends up getting intimate with his ex, ignoring the current context of the situation. He reflects on this dysfunctional, drug-fueled infatuation with his ex and admits to himself that it’ll never work out, therefore vowing, “We can never be friends.” The bluntly honest and emo lyrics pair perfectly with the strong pop-punk influences MGK has been channeling during this new wave of his musical career.

On the day of this new release, MGK elaborated on the inspiration behind the track during an interview with Zane Lowe. He appeared very excited and inspired to explore his potential within the punk-rock genre, steering clear of the expectations of others, who may have anticipated “just another rap album.” He shares that “Why Are You Here” sets the tone for the rest of his upcoming project. In fact, he revealed to Lowe that he’s aiming for his next album to be completely composed of singing and live instruments. We agree with the fans that we can’t wait to see MGK pull-off something totally new… In fact, we think a new, fiery, pop-punk project suits him so well!

Featured Image: Jessica Padover Instagram (@jessicapadover)