Bring Me The Horizon Shares Halsey Collab on New Feature-Filled EP

Bring Me The Horizon just dropped their latest project and it includes several features including one from Halsey. The English rock band’s latest project includes a very lengthy title, Music To Listen To~Dance To~Blaze To~Pray To~Feed To~Sleep To~Talk To~Grind To~Trip To~Breathe To~Help To~Hurt To~Scroll To~Roll To~Love To~Hate To~Learn To~Plot To~Play To~Be To~Feel To~Breed To~Sweat To~Dream To~Hide To~Live To~Die To~Go To. In other words, Bring Me The Horizon’s latest EP includes music for just about any feeling or situation.

The EP includes eight tracks and definitely has a more electronic sound than some of the group’s previous projects. As mentioned before, the EP includes a collaboration with Halsey, who is featured on the track titled “¿” and provides the only vocals heard on the song. Fans started to speculate this collaboration when lead vocalist Oliver Sykes posted a picture with Halsey back in July. On this new track, Halsey sings about a relationship that is falling apart and refers to it as another bad dream.

In addition to this collaboration, the EP also includes a track with Bexey and Lotus Eater. The song “Underground Big {HEADFULOFHYENA}” has an impressive run time of 24 minutes, so definitely set aside some time for yourself to listen to this one. The song touches on many different genres and includes a long spoken monologue from Sykes.

The EP has many varying run times and an overall time stamp of an hour and 15 minutes. Bring Me The Horizon’s newest project is definitely unique and experimental and we love the way they played around with this project. Check out the EP down below and leave a comment telling us what your favorite track is.

Featured Image: Instagram(@olobersykes)