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TWICE’s Nayeon Is Placed Under Police Protection After Stalker Threat

TWICE member Nayeon is now under police protection regarding the ongoing threat of a stalker. The stalker, a German man, has been attempting to reach out to Nayeon for months through social media. TWICE’s label JYP Entertainment has been in contact with the man, who continues to insist that he is not a stalker.

The matter has reached new levels after an incident where the stalker attempted to approach Nayeon in Japan. The man attempted to follow the group onto a flight heading to South Korea. JYP has released a statement following the incident, translated courtesy of Soompi:

“Hello this is JYP Entertainment.

Today [January 1] when boarding a return flight from Japan to Korea, a stalker of TWICE member Nayeon attempted to approach her numerous times after boarding. We were able to respond to the situation right away, and [Nayeon] wasn’t harmed, but she is currently quite discomfited and anxious.

Due to the incident, Nayeon is currently under police protection. We warned the stalker several times to halt his actions, but he ignored our warnings and attempted to force his way through and raised his voice, escalating the situation with problematic behavior.

As a result, we will be taking the highest level of legal action available to us against [the stalker].

Furthermore, we are also investigating the illegal dissemination of our artists’ flight schedules and information. Especially after this recent disturbance, we are searching for a way to put an end to such activity as soon as possible.

We sincerely apologize to the other passengers on this flight for the disturbance caused by this incident. We will ensure that such an issue doesn’t happen again.

Thank you.”

The release of flight information has been a persistent problem for idols and their management for years, where obsessive fans, often referred to as “saesangs,” follow artists onto their flights in attempts to get closer to them.

During the flight, a post to TWICE’s Instagram story read: “Please go home. Please stop. Please, I ask this of you.” The post was shortly deleted but quickly screen-captured by fans.

JYP had previously released statements in December stating that they would be taking action against malicious comments and actions aimed at its artists.

Featured Image: JYP Entertainment

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