Hailee Steinfeld "Wrong Direction"

Hailee Steinfeld’s Heart Was Led in the “Wrong Direction” on New Single

Hailee Steinfeld is back in the most vulnerable way, with her first solo project since 2017. In her new song “Wrong Direction,” Hailee opens up about a toxic relationship. The song was released at midnight on January 1, marking the start of a new decade for Hailee. She hasn’t released a song that’s not tied to an acting project or isn’t a collaboration since her 2017 hit “Most Girls.”

Hailee most recently dated ex-One Direction member Niall Horan, but it’s not clear if “Wrong Direction” is about their relationship ending (besides the punny song title). Despite the question of the subject of “Wrong Direction,” it’s commendable that Hailee opens her heart in this beautiful, emotional ballad.

“Wrong Direction” is a simple piano ballad that showcases Hailee’s soft and dazzling vocals. The emotion behind each lyric shines through as she sings about a terrible relationship. Hailee reflects on an egotistical ex who treated her horribly. She even blames herself for not seeing the signs, thus falling in the “wrong direction.” With specific details in the lyrical content like “But I just wanted to believe that you were out sleepin’ alone,” we get a glimpse into just how toxic this relationship was. Hailee describes the aftermath of this relationship as “gut-wrenching” and you can clearly hear that feeling reflected in her vocal delivery.

As of now, there’s no music video for “Wrong Direction,” but the actor/singer has teased visuals for the song on her Instagram. Like the song, the cover art’s simple — handwritten words on a white background. Hailee has not told her fans if this release is the start of a new era or the lead single for an upcoming album, but it definitely feels like a clean slate and a fresh start for her career in 2020.

Featured Image: Instagram (@haileesteinfeld)

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