Tame Impala Get Us “Lost in Yesterday”

Like leaving marks on a trail, artists love to release separate songs at a time. These serve as teasers for new material. Tame Impala shared the fourth new song from an upcoming album The Slow Rush. Thanks to the Tame (the eco-pop one-man-band), we can prep for that release on February 14, with other scattered singles including “Posthumous Forgiveness,” “It Might Be Time” and “Borderline.” His last spark of art was 2015’s “Currents”.

Impala’s signature electric style is heightened in the song. The slow synth at the beginning makes us feel like we’re in a video game: animated and wild. Kevin Parker, the man behind the psychedelic music project, channels the charm of David Bowie, Beck and MGMT, with lyrics coating against the cool and collected beats. You can’t help but sing along.

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Eventually terrible memories turn into great ones

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After about 15 seconds, the man behind the psychedelic music project chimes in with the nostalgia. He advises to confront fears and feelings of the past and let them go. “Now even though that was a time I hated from day one // Eventually, terrible memories turn into great ones.” His lesson here is that there are some things from our past we can laugh about and move on, rather than stuck in what they left behind.

In the chorus, he mentions, “And you’re gonna have to let it go someday // You’ve been diggin’ it up like Groundhog Day.” Parker reminds us to let that ish go and stop revisiting the pain of the past.

One thing that’s most notable is that the last refrain, or the outro, during which Kevin says, “If it calls you, embrace it // If it haunts, face it.” Another lesson Kevin Parker slyly includes in here can be applicable to us all: embrace and embody what keeps your soul alive, and take the negative head-on with strength. There are many hidden messages that we can get behind in this track.

Check out the song, below, and get lost in yesterday.

Featured Image: Modular Recordings/Island Records Australia