Easy Life Revive All of Our Favorite “Dead Celebrities” in Latest Single

Leicester-based group Easy Life revived all of our favorite “Dead Celebrities” — and paid tribute to several living superstars — in an aptly-titled single from their Junk Food mixtape. Naturally, they had to ditch the UK and fly across the pond to film the corresponding video, because nothing screams “celebrity” quite like the city of Los Angeles.

The “Dead Celebrities” music video is an I Spy game of look-a-likes impersonating the rich and famous and we love every second of it. The boys are as whimsical as ever, even taking a tour of a wax museum so they could do things like rub Morgan Freeman‘s face and lick Lorde‘s nose. You can’t blame them for getting their money’s worth at Madame Tussauds.

While the track and the visuals maintain a cheeky spirit, there’s a far more serious undertone regarding modern fame and Hollywood in general. For instance, the music video ends with a character being forced to choose between his own mother and Paris Hilton (no, that’s not a typo). It’s a scenario you’ll have to see to believe and frontman Murray Matravers only makes it all the more fun to watch.

Easy Life’s Junk Food mixtape, which was released on January 10, further showcases the band’s incredible storytelling, while upholding the mischievous aesthetic that makes them as unique as they are entertaining. To celebrate its release, the five-piece donned hot dog costumes and posed in front of their massive billboard in London. Hey, at least they were actually wearing clothes this time.

Junk Food is available on all major streaming platforms and it features singles “Earth,” “Nice Guys” and the noteworthy “Sangria” with Arlo Parks. You can watch the official music video for “Dead Celebrities” below and enjoy a free tour of Hollywood in the process.

Featured Image: Interscope Records