Quinn XCII "Two 10s"

Quinn XCII Makes Us Miss the Days When We Only Needed “Two 10s” to Have Fun

Are you missing how easy things were when you were young? Well Quinn XCII found a way to put that into words. On January 20, the Michigan singer released his latest single, “Two 10s.” The song’s a nostalgia trip about the days when you only needed to borrow $20 from your parents to have a fun day out. Quinn XCII is a great songwriter and uses incredible detail to really put his listeners into the story.

“Two 10s” is the story of a young high schooler trying to just have a good time with his friends. Quinn XCII brings us back to days when $20 felt like a lot. The nostalgia brings listeners back to a simpler time. Additionally, the music video shows how back in the day, a visit to a roller rink was one of the best days out. Even better, the lyrics reference Stacy, the star of Quinn XCII’s last single. Lines about Stacy makes us believe that these singles are going to be part of a whole themed album.

The instrumentals of “Two 10s” add to the retro vibe of the single. However, there’s still a flavor of Quinn XCII’s signature sound. It’s hard not to keep the song on repeat. The simple instruments allow focus on the lyrics, but keep the song flowing smoothly. Also, the guitar and drums add some flair between lines. This, mixed with the singer’s vocals, especially the soft falsettos, combines to create a nice tune.

So if “Two 10s” is part of the “Stacy” universe, we’re hoping for a lot more Quinn XCII this year. After just releasing an album last year, the grind clearly never stops for the Michigan artist. No matter when they’re released, we cannot wait to hear more songs that bring us back to our youth. Quinn XCII has a few festivals lined up, but maybe we’ll get an album or tour announcement soon. We hope tickets cost only two tens.

Featured Image: Columbia Records

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