The Best of Logic: Top 11 Tracks Ranked


Perhaps the most intimate and sincere tracks in his music library is this one. This song took the public by storm, as it addresses thoughts of suicide and puts those emotions of uncertainty and fear into lyrics. When performing the song at the MTV VMA’s in 2017, he concluded during the applause saying, “I just want to take a moment right now and thank you all so much for giving me a platform to talk about something that mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about.” For some, those feelings can’t be measured or comprehended. Here, Logic proves that he’s a musician for the people.

Vocals provided by Alessia Cara and Khalid contribute to the message and purpose of the song, featured on 2017’s Everybody.The rhythm is calm and collected, with gospel-like tones. He urges to spread positivity, encouragement and understanding, as well as make the conversation about getting help more apparent, as he proclaims “I want you to be alive.”

So thank you Logic, for keeping the conversation alive and making great music!

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