Hayley Kiyoko I'm Too Sensitive For This Sh*t

Hayley Kiyoko Shares Blunt Thoughts in I’m Too Sensitive For This Sh*t

Hayley Kiyoko opens up on her new EP I’m Too Sensitive For This Sh*t, a statement both confident and vulnerable to accompany the artist’s new sound. The EP begins with the new single, “demons,” a track discussing the feeling of demons taking over your head. With lyrics like “Please forgive me // I’ve got demons in my head,” its quick pace and witty sound encompasses the need for forgiveness from having inescapable demons and what this can mean for relationships. It’s an ode to the title and the acknowledgement of being confidently sensitive.

The five-part EP discusses themes of loneliness, abandonment, hope and love. Kiyoko’s clearly experimenting with new ways to make music, which is more dark and thought-provoking, although she’s still staying true to her pop roots we’re all used to on “I Wish” and “L.O.V.E Me.”

With only one studio album to her name, it seems Hayley prefers working on projects, which she informed fans of last year at Reading Festival. Stating that she plans on going “back to the basics,” she let followers know after the release of “I Wish” (a very easy song to add to playlists) that she’s “very excited” for new music coming this year. After the success of “I Wish” and its video, directed by Hayley, the EP continues the direct nature of this track. The lyrics of “I Wish” and its verse “You shut down when I tell you all the sh*t I want” prepared the listener for the honesty of the EP.

It might be fair to say that Hayley was hurt in love and gained strength in finding herself again. Pleading for love and affection, the EP takes us on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. She addresses a female in question on multiple tracks. With cutting-edge, honest lyrics — “she acts like she’s in seventh grade but actually she’s twenty-gay” and “don’t tell me you love me if you don’t really want me” — we see Hayley using her experience to help others.

Featured Image: Twitter (@HayleyKiyoko) / Atlantic Records

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