Little Big Town Nightfall Album

Little Big Town’s Nightfall Is a Heartfelt Record Made for Lost Souls

Fans have been patiently waiting for the newest Little Big Town album, and it is finally here! Nightfall dropped just a few days ago and fans are loving it. This album has some very heartfelt songs alongside some super fun tracks, which make for the perfect mix. It is a whole lot of country with a fresh twist.

Nightfall is Little Big Town’s ninth studio album, and this time around, Little Big Town was heavily involved in the production process. This makes for a more heartfelt and genuine sound on the record. The popular country group chose their top 13 out of 30 songs (!!) that they produced for the album, making it special for the listeners because they came directly from them.

Some of our favorites include “Sugar Coat,” the title track, “Nightfall,” and “The Daughters,” which definitely have the “pull on your heartstrings” quality to them. This album lands on the more slow-sounding end of the spectrum of Little Big Town’s discography, but with that slow-country flare, everyone is sure to be hooked.


Needless to say, this album is definitely made for all the lost souls and misfits of the world. “Problem Child” is another great track, with the sentimental lyrics like, “Wildflower growing through the cracks in the street // A beauty unfolding that nobody sees.”

Little Big Town has kicked off their Nightfall tour just recently, so fans have a chance to hear the songs live. You can check out their tour dates here.

Even though the album is slow and a little bit different than what we usually hear from Little Big Town, we absolutely love it.

Featured Image: Capitol Records Nashville

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