Doja Cat Conquers in Edgy Single “Boss Bitch”

On January 23, Doja Cat released her new track “Boss Bitch.” The song, included on the soundtrack for the upcoming film Birds of Prey, showcases Doja Cat as a powerhouse: able to combine cutting, spasmic vocals and four-on-the-floor club beats with her lighthearted lyricism and focus on female empowerment. It’s a danceable song, but it is just as appropriate for zooming away in a getaway car.

Sonically, this track is reminiscent of Azaelia Banks — especially the unrelenting beat and “I won’t hesitate to punch you in the face” vocal delivery. And part of this song’s appeal is its fast-paced, driving motion — even from the first few seconds, a stripped-down mambo beat and Doja Cat’s throaty ad-libs, it’s clear she’s about to serve up a bop. The second pre-chorus of “Boss Bitch” was particularly striking, as Doja Cat unleashes her vocal fury on her audience. Through a chill-inducing jagged yell, she adds a rawness to the polished pop genre with, “I took it and I ran for it // I won it then I stand on it.”

Despite the sonic edge of the track, the moments of silly, not-taking-herself-too-seriously lyricism really give this song Doja Cat’s trademark. “I’m clumsy, made friends with the floor,” she riffs in the first verse, “And two left feet, you know I always drop.” Just like any good meme queen, she knows how to play to relatability, but it never feels forced here. She’s just a girl who likes to dance (and sometimes fall). The chorus of “Boss Bitch” is anthemic in its delivery and repetitiveness, as Doja Cat states the lyrics with blasé confidence: “I’m a bitch and a boss and my shine like gloss.”

“Boss Bitch” is a fun, electrifyingly dance-y song that will undoubtedly make it onto many club playlists this year. It may not be as much of a standby as Doja Cat’s other tracks, like “Go to Town” or “Tia Tamara,” both of which match carefree lyrics with a chilled out, carefree beat. But will we be playing it at my next party? Hell yeah.

Featured Image: RCA Records