Chase Rice Breaks 3-Year Hiatus With The Album, Pt. I

It has been quite some time since country music fans have heard new music from Chase Rice, but our dreams have just come true. Chase Rice has seemingly disappeared for nearly three years. He held off releasing new music, going on major tours and has remained out of the spotlight, but he has returned. After weeks of teasing new music, Rice surprised fans with a release of his newest work, The Album, Pt. I.

Chase Rice posted on Instagram just before the album released, basically ending the teasing of new music; needless to say, fans were excited.

Now, Rice claims that this is the best music of his career and that this album is what’s going to push him to the next level. So how do we feel about the album? While we were hoping for more songs (the album has seven songs), we can say that it’s everything we could have hoped for coming from Rice. This album has all of what fans love. He brings in strong storytelling elements, which is why fans have been behind him for so long. His music brings you into the songs and makes them real. One of the best song on the album is “Best Night Ever.” “Best Night Ever” is slow but still fun. This heartfelt song’s perfect and really brings the listener into the song. We want this “best night ever” that he’s describing. The album also has his latest released single, “Lonely if You Are.” We want someone to love the lonely right out of us! All-in-all, the songs on this album are so heartfelt and tell such a rich story, which is why we love Chase Rice music.

In case you want a sneak peek at some of the songs, check out this video of Chase on his Instagram:

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let me love the lonely…😎

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While The Album, Pt. I just released, we’re craving more music from Chase Rice. Hopefully there’ll be a part two coming soon. Until then, listen to The Album, Pt. I with us on Spotify or wherever you listen to music.

Featured Image: Broken Bow Records