Kygo’s “Forever Yours” Is a Tribute to the Late and Great Avicii

On January 24, Norwegian DJ Kygo released a new track called “Forever Yours.” The song is a tribute to late Swedish DJ Avicii, and its release includes a lyric video. Avicii (Tim Bergling) started producing the song, but because of Bergling’s premature death at the age of 28, Kygo completed the song along with Swedish singer Sandro Cavazza, who provides the vocals in “Forever Yours.”

According to Cavazza’s Instagram post about the song, the proceeds from the song “will go to the nonprofit Tim Bergling Foundation which benefits organizations that support mental health issues, suicide prevention and education, wildlife conservation and other issues that Tim had an interest in and passion for.” So, apart from getting a new song, fans will help a good cause.

“Forever Yours” is an upbeat song that pays homage to Avicii’s unique style, and it sounds like it could have been part of the DJ’s posthumous album Tim, released June 2019. With lyrics such as, “Every time I see your face, there’s a cloud hanging over you in such a beautiful way // There’s a poetry to your solitude,” the song reminds listeners about the struggles Avicii had to endure, such as depression and suicidal thoughts, and how he always tried to let his feelings show through his music.

Though Avicii’s fans are excited about “Forever Yours,” the song does not come as a surprise since in May 2018 it was announced that Bergling had over 200 unreleased songs, some of them unfinished. Therefore, we can expect more of the DJ’s work in the future.

We expect that Avicii will live on forever as one of the greatest musicians of this generation and that he will continue to bring joy to his fans and new listeners alike.

You can listen to “Forever Yours” and watch the lyric video below:

Featured Image: Ineffable Music AB

Kenly Campos

Costa Rica