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Harry Styles Joins Lizzo on Stage for the Juiciest Crossover

The Miami party scene has been extra poppin’ ahead of the Super Bowl last week. With that, all your favorite artists have been showing up for some pretty fun shows. Of course, recent Grammy winner, Lizzo had to make an appearance. As usual, she was putting on quite the performance.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get better, Harry Styles shows up on stage. The British singer joined Lizzo on stage to perform “Juice,” which he recently covered on BBC Radio 1. If Harry’s cover broke the internet with 10 million views, imagine how much fans lost it when this epic on-stage collab happened.

Lizzo and Harry might have looked like total opposites on stage, but their voices are too good not to pair well together. In a cropped sweater vest, Harry looks like a stylish teacher. Meanwhile, Lizzo is rocking a blue two-piece, complete with glittery straps and belts. Although style-wise they contrast, the two looked like old friends having a blast singing and dancing on stage. Both artists have infectious energy, and you cannot help but smile while watching this crossover.

We can only hope for a lot more Lizzo and Harry content in our futures. With two of the greatest voices in pop these days, not only are their personalities irresistible, but their songs, too. Harry and Lizzo together are almost too powerful. We would love to see them create art together or even have some sort of super tour (one can only dream). We’ll keep our fingers crossed — in 2020, it seems like anything is possible.

Featured Image: Atlantic Records/Columbia Records

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