Carly Pearce Drops A True Country Love Song With “You Kissed Me First”

Country singer-songwriter Carly Pearce has had a very busy past few months. From touring, to getting married and going on a honeymoon, and everything in between, she has still been making music and fans are super excited for her new album coming this Valentine’s Day. To hold fans off just a little while longer, CP has released one last song before the album drop titled “You Kissed Me First.” This song is super heartfelt and fans are loving every second of it. It is a true country love song.

The track paints a picture of a couple’s first night together. She sings about how she was the one to get dressed up and go out with her friends, but the guy was the one to buy the drink and really start the night off. Once the chorus hits, Pearce sings, “If I wake up in your t-shirt // Just remember, you kissed me first.” The song goes on painting a beautiful love story in true CP fashion. She is clearly smitten with whoever she is singing the song about (probably her new hubby Michael Ray).

Country music fans are loving the new song almost as much as they love CP and Michael Ray. These two were a match made in heaven and one of the cutest country couples! CP says in regards to the single, “I say Michael Ray kissed me first, but only the wine will ever know.” We really love this couple and we can’t wait to hear what CP describes as the “13 evolutions of love” in her newest album coming to you Valentines Day.

In the meantime, listen to Carly Pearce’s newest single here:

Featured Image: Big Machine Records