Ruel and Cosmo’s Midnight Are “Down For You” In Their First Collaboration

After a stellar 2019 that included a successful EP (Free Time) and a sold out North American tour, Ruel is keeping the momentum alive with his first single of the new year. The Australian crooner linked with electronic duo Cosmo’s Midnight for a long overdue collaboration titled “Down For You.” The result is a captivating track that highlights the strengths of the three musicians involved.

Cosmo’s Midnight, which is composed of twins Cosmo and Patrick Liney, first crossed paths with Ruel in 2018. The trio shared the stage at Australia’s annual Groovin the Moo festival when the brothers invited the teenager to join as a guest vocalist. Talks of a collaboration ensued, but nothing came to fruition until a year later when the boys sat down for a songwriting session. That meeting yielded “Down For You,” a relatable tune about bearing the burdens of a party for someone you care about.

In the same vein as the angsty anti-party narrative present in tracks like Alessia Cara‘s “Here“, “Down For You” revolves around the reluctant attendance of a social gathering brimming with blank faces and forced conversations. You weren’t even invited, but the person you like is dragging you along and their smile makes it all worth it. It’s relevant to introverts far and wide, especially those that have held an affinity for a more extroverted counterpart. Ruel summarizes it best in the chorus: “You know that I hate this place // But if you wanna stay, I do too”.

Cosmo’s Midnight provide a kaleidoscope of sounds for Ruel’s voice to effortlessly melt over. The soulful R&B tone comes naturally to the “Painkiller” singer and his vocals transcend the confines of any one particular genre. The collaboration is a match made in music heaven and we certainly hope the Aussies continue to create together.

Featured Image: RCA Records