Blossoms’ Foolish Loving Spaces Is a Mixture of Old and New Sounds

After long months of waiting, English band Blossoms finally released their third album Foolish Loving Spaces on January 31. The album includes singles “Your Girlfriend,” “The Keeper” and “If You Think This Is Real Life.” With influences like U2, The Strokes, Talking Heads and Ceramic Animal, Foolish Loving Spaces is nothing like Blossoms’ past albums.

Fans of the band can expect a mixture of Blossoms’ previous records and new sounds. Frontman Tom Ogden told Apple Music, “I pushed myself into corners which I wouldn’t normally go to.” While we can notice musical similarities between Foolish Loving Spaces‘ “Romance, Eh?” and Blossoms‘ “Blown Rose” (apart from the fact that they are both track No. 7 of each album), the band explores sounds that we have not heard in their earlier work. For example, the gospel vibes in “The Keeper,” and the guitar in “My Swimming Brain.”

One of the best songs in the album, “Like Gravity,” is Blossoms’ longest track to date, emanates a darker tone in comparison to the rest of the record and brings The Neighbourhood‘s “Wiped Out!” to mind. Also, Ogden revealed that “Like Gravity” is “an insight into what the fourth album will sound like.” The singer recently told the Daily Star that the band is already working on album No. 4. “We’ve got most of the next record written, but I won’t say too much about it as we’re ­really excited about the album that’s just coming out too!”

Just like Blossoms’ past records, the deluxe edition of Foolish Loving Spaces includes acoustic versions of all the tracks, and they are as amazing as the original versions. This is a tradition that many artists should imitate because it is like having two different albums in one.

Foolish Loving Spaces is Blossoms’ best album so far, but we cannot wait to hear what is in store for the years to come. In the meantime, buy or stream Foolish Loving Spaces on Spotify, Apple Music or theofficial Blossoms store.

Also, enjoy the band’s latest single, “If You Think This Is Real Life,” and its music video!

Featured Image: Virgin EMI Records

Kenly Campos

Costa Rica