The 1975 Transport Us Into an Early 2000s Rom-Com With Their “Me & You Together Song” Video

Have you ever wanted to live in an early 2000s rom-com? Well, luckily for you, The 1975 have provided us with the perfect soundtrack for that. From the moment we heard the “Me & You Together Song,” we were able to see a softer side of The 1975. The song’s part of the band’s upcoming fourth studio album, Notes on a Conditional Form. From the singles, it’s hard to know what to expect. We’ve heard influences from punk, EDM and now early 2000s soft pop. However, all the songs have high repeat value. The 1975 only made it better by dropping the perfect music video to pair with their latest single.

The “Me & You Together Song” video features a boom box, converse, rooms covered in band posters and every other nostalgic reference in-between. We get to see some meet-cutes and hookups in early old school houses and house parties. Additionally, the British band is shot in a manor of early pop punk bands, such as Blink-182 playing in a garage and at parties. Aesthetically speaking, the music video matches flawlessly with the song.

Even better, The 1975 cast real-life couples to play the on-screen couples for the video. This only adds to the authenticity. Furthermore, the film and editing style of the video adds a bit of intentional haziness reminiscent of videos made in the early 2000s. The indie quartet stepped outside their comfort zone. They made a visual masterpiece that accompanies quite possibly their most wholesome track to date.

We love that The 1975 are always willing to take chances when it comes to art and genres. Also, we appreciate how much research they put into their stylistic influences. If you were to compare the “Me & You Together Song” to something made for an early 2000s movie, it would be hard to tell which was made in 2020. Either way, we can’t wait for their upcoming album and tour. As the years go on, The 1975 only continues to grow and impress us.

Featured Image: Instagram (@the1975)