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LOONA Confidently Return With “So What” Single and Dynamic [#] EP

LOONA is back with a confident new single, “So What,” and [#] EP. “So What” marks the group’s first comeback in nearly a year as the 11 members are back and better than ever with a bombastic new title track. The 12-member K-pop girl group is currently one member down as Haseul is sitting out due to health issues.

“So What” is an electrifying and high-energy dance track that’s loaded with thumping bass, fearless chants and an iconic bridge. The anthem encourages listeners to be themselves and do whatever empowers them. The accompanying video’s just as empowering as it opens with a narrating voice-over: “Do not accept the fate of the moon. Get off the track. Reveal to the world the hidden side. Burn yourself.”

Clad in edgy and vibrant outfits, we see the girls showing off their powerful choreography in various settings leading up to a fiery-but-passionate ending.

“Setting a tone for the rest of the EP, [#] doesn’t mean much when it’s used alone, but it means that when # is used in combination with words or letters, they realize the result of a multi-use combination when they are together, just as they perform a special function or great ability,” reads the official Youtube video description for the single.

Despite having a boisterous title track, the six-track EP showcases the dynamic girl group’s wide range by blending genres and performance styles. “#” is the dramatic instrumental opener that already has us on our feet leading into “So What.”

“Number 1” is a dreamy pop track complete with sweet vocals and harmonies. “Oh (Yes I Am)” is a quirky electro-pop banger that continues the same dreamy vibe. The girls once again showcase their silky vocals and fierce raps.

“Ding Ding Dong” is another classic dance-pop track that continues to steal the hearts of listeners with its charming lyrics and angelic vocals. The previously released lead single “365” is an R&B ballad with comforting lyrics dedicated to LOONA’s fans.

The dynamic EP is a worthwhile listen as the girls are confident in themselves and their abilities to experiment with new sounds and concepts. As long as LOONA’s preaching, we’re listening.

Listen to LOONA’s [#] EP now:

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