Yoshi Flower Guides Us Through His Week in “7 Days” Music Video

Yoshi Flower is known for his versatile approach to music, experimenting with everything from hard-hitting, guitar-driven hooks (see “Dirty Water“) to acoustic tracks laced with compelling vulnerability (see “Idle Hand$“). Somewhere in the midst of his discography lies a special place for songs with a laidback, upbeat appeal โ€” songs not unlike the gems that impact pop radio every now and then. This is where the Detroit native’s “7 Days” falls, and the addictive tune received its official music video just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Directed by Josh Flores, the “7 Days” video guides us through an average week in the life of a yearning Yoshi, accompanied by an inexplicably catchy chorus that lists said days from Monday to Sunday. The journey begins with a clip of the musician waking up and diving into his daily routine of biking through town and delivering newspapers. You catch a glimpse of his love life in the process, which includes the usual day-to-day workings of a relationship like arguing and getting shot with Nerf gun bullets. The side effects of love are wide and varied, after all.

Yoshi makes it through each ordinary day with his signature nonchalant expression intact. Whether he’s out on the job, in his bedroom, or at a house party, the music video plays like a montage of the songwriter going through the motions while pining for someone. However, one could commend him for finding the time to make his bed and clean his room in the process. It’s a disarmingly lighthearted aesthetic that suits “7 Days,” one of the more whimsical tracks on Yoshi’s 2019 I Will Not Let My Love Go To Waste mixtape.

2020 is gearing up to be a busy year for the talented newcomer. Yoshi Flower will hit the road in March for a nine-day tour in support of the aforementioned I Will Not Let My Love Go To Waste mixtape. Tickets can be found on his official website.

Featured Image: Universal Music Group