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Billie Eilish Releases New James Bond Theme “No Time To Die”

After winning Album of the Year, the most coveted award at the Grammys, Billie Eilish is making another huge career move. Following predecessors like Madonna and Adele, Billie has written the newest James Bond theme song, titled “No Time To Die.”

The dynamic brother-sister duo, Billie and Finneas, were tasked with setting the scene for the new 007 movie, which is no easy project to take on. But luckily for them, their previous projects already channel the sultry, adventurous sound that the perfect James Bond theme needs.

“No Time To Die” is the complete opposite of Billie’s smash hit, “Bad Guy,” and more reminiscent of deep cuts like “xanny” that show off her vocals. The track starts off with an ominous piano intro, before Billie’s signature brooding vocals begin. Her vocals complement the production, which is possibly the most traditionally produced Eilish track to date. The orchestral swells and heavy violins will definitely remind listeners of those classic Bond moments. Overall, it’s a great track for the purpose it serves and combines Billie’s signature sound with the expectations of a successful James Bond theme.

This collaboration is a great way for the 007 franchise to usher in a new audience. Billie Eilish is only eighteen, but has won multiple Grammys, broken records left and right and is widely seen as the voice of a new generation. Younger crowds who might not have cared about the new James Bond movie because of its history might tune in because of Billie’s involvement.

For Billie and Finneas, this is a huge career moment. At the same time, this is a smart move for the James Bond franchise because of Billie’s massive success. It’s not necessarily a challenge for Billie as an artist, considering it’s not sonically different than Billie’s other music, but it’s a huge honor for an artist so young in the early stages of her career.

Featured Image: Interscope Records