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Celebrating Rihanna: How the Songstress Has Completely Changed the Game



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Today we’re celebrating one of the most influential artists in mainstream music, the queen of glamour and bad b*tch energy, Rihanna! In the spirit of Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s 32nd birthday, we’re reflecting on some of the most unforgettable moments in her career that made her the icon she is today.

Since emerging on to the music scene at such a young age, Rihanna has achieved more milestones at 32 than some of us will in our entire lifetimes! From earning nine Grammy awards, over a dozen American Music Awards, and creating seven certified platinum albums to date, Rihanna’s success has catapulted her into being one of the most inspiring women of our generation.

But aside from Rihanna’s musical genius side, the multifaceted singer has expanded her talents into the beauty and fashion industry, film, and even philanthropy. Rihanna is truly a queen that does it all, inspiring us to be our absolute best in life!

One of Rihanna’s greatest musical strengths is her versatility. She can adjust her vocals to virtually any beat, from funky dance-hall beats (like “Work” ft. Drake), to bass-heavy house hits (like “This Is What You Came For” with Calvin Harris), to psychedelic pop (her rendition of Tame Impala‘s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes”, to stripped emotional ballads (like “Close To You”), and she never fails to make it a hit!

This makes Rihanna’s discography rich in diversity from her own musical exploration to the countless collaborations for which she has become known. Take a hit like Rihanna’s collaboration with Calvin Harris on “We Found Love,” and compare it to the raw, unedited sound of the ANTI ballad “Higher.” It’s hard to believe this is the same artist’s vocals. Her range is so rich it completely captivates us, leaving us wondering, “What can’t she do?”

Although Rihanna hasn’t released an album since ANTI in 2016, a new project has been rumored to be released later this year. In the meantime, the starlet has kept herself busy building an empire amongst other industries. In 2017, Rihanna launched her very own beauty brand, Fenty Beauty.

To say this new launch was a game-changer would be a complete understatement. Makeup lovers everywhere rejoiced when Ms. Fenty released a foundation line with a spectrum of 40 (now expanded to 50) shades. The complexity and detail that went into this line made this beauty brand friendly for everyone, especially people of color (who are often snubbed by other beauty brands when hoping to find a match to their skin tones). The marketing campaign for Fenty Beauty was simply genius — Ms. Fenty made it loud and clear that this makeup was “fit for all.”

After the wild success of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna blessed us all with the birth of her lingerie brand SAVAGE X FENTY. Staying true to her mission of establishing more inclusion within the beauty and fashion industry, Rihanna created pieces that are built to fit people from petite frames to plus size women. As a body-positive, sex-positive feminist figure, Rihanna encourages women everywhere to embrace their body for how it is. She preaches acceptance along with her notorious “IDGAF” attitude.



Rihanna is a force of nature, from her musical talent to her creative and innovative ideas of bringing more inclusion and diversity into mainstream consumerism. She’s considered a role model for young people everywhere, teaching them that confidence, strong work ethic, passion, dedication and resilience will carry them very far in life.

Rihanna is an artist who has dug into her work to help change the music, beauty, and fashion industry… yet looks flawless while doing it! Today, let’s “Pour It Up” for Rihanna and celebrate her in all her glory!

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