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Camila Cabello’s Vogue 73 Questions Interview Gives Insight on Her Upcoming Role in Cinderella

Camila Cabello opens up 73 new windows for everyone to glimpse into through Vogue‘s latest interview in its 73 Questions video series. With brief moments of flying ducks, feeding koi fish and talking with Sinu, the interview encompasses so much of Camila’s personality.

The questions began with how Cabello begins her songwriting process. We find out that playing with chord progressions is how she kicks off her process, and the completion of a song is “like falling in love” and, “It’s like you can feel when the puzzles fit together and it’s perfect”. Camila then proceeds to say that her song “First Man” is the most meaningful song of her entire discography, and the Grammy performance is one of her most touching memories.

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#firstman ❤️ a year ago last October I was in Nashville while on tour and I wanted to get in the studio and write because I hadn’t had the chance for quite a while.. i came in with a bunch of ideas but suddenly I just started thinking about my dad and missing him and thinking about how much he means to me. I had to go to the bathroom and just sob every 10 minutes writing this song, I could barely get through it and I almost didn’t tonight.. thank you to my dad for showing me what it is to love someone selflessly , for making me always laugh when I cry, for being my constant safety and arms to fall into. ❤️ I dedicate this to all dads out there – the ones that are with us and the ones that aren’t anymore but that we will always have in our hearts ♥️

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Camila shot the interview in the English countryside, where she is staying through the end of shooting her role in her role in the remake of the classic fairytale, Cinderella. Cabello called the experience “an absolute dream.”

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me fighting for my happiness daily #wholesomememe

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The interview continues with Camila demonstrating her British accent and telling us three things that we did not know about her: she eats a banana with every meal, must wear socks when falling asleep due to the fear of the boogeyman, and had a phase in third grade during which she would not stop flaring her nostrils. Camila also let us know that between Instagram and TikTok, she prefers TikTok, which surprised us a bit.

The interview ends with Camila being asked in Spanish,”What’s the most Cuban thing about you,” and her admitting that she is very affectionate, “like a koala.”

Watch the interview below and leave us a comment about what you learned about Camila while watching.

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