Aly and AJ’s Triumphant Return to Pop at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom

Former Disney Channel stars-turned-pop-saviors Aly & AJ performed to a sold out crowd in New York City on Wednesday, February 26, and despite the 13-year gap in between their discography, the siblings managed to bring out a rowdy crowd and incredible energy to the stage.

Indie star Clara Joy opened up the show with her dreamy tunes, singing enchanting melodies over her soft guitar chords, despite the incredible loud crowd. (PSA: if someone is opening, please don’t talk over it, especially if they are acoustic!)

Aly & AJ took the stage around 9 p.m., when the heavy synths came pouring out of the speakers. The pop duo began with their vocoder-infused track “Church” off their 2019 EP Sanctuary, which sounds like a perfect blend of Carly Rae Jepsen and 1989-era Taylor Swift.

Current favorites like their 2017 comeback single “Take Me” and the larger-than-life anthem “Star Maps” turned Bowery Ballroom into a therapeutic dance floor. The two also sang crowd favorites like the rock gems “Rush” and “Chemicals React,” while still maintaining their current pop sound by adding in fun synths and dance moves. AJ shredded on the guitar, while Aly mastered her synth keyboard, showing that the girls could not only write the music, but impressively perform it as well.

They ended the night with an encore featuring the classic Joe Jonas diss track “Potential Breakup Song” while looking to the crowd to sing most of the chorus. Perhaps they were tired, or sick of singing the song every show for the last 13 years? Either way, the crowd definitely delivered and channeled their inner teens.

Overall, the siblings did a fantastic job creating a much-needed dance party for their dedicated fans. The two even took time to ask fans to donate to The Trevor Project, with whom they often work.  Aly & AJ announced they were finishing up an LP — their first since 2007 — and that it would be out soon. The night was a success, despite the constant fights within the crowd, and we hope the duo will be back soon.

Check out Sarah Waxberg’s photo gallery of the night below.

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Featured image: Sarah Waxberg

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