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Fans Hilariously React to Lady Gaga’s 6-City Chromatica Ball Announcement

Lady Gaga is one of the most in-demand superstars of our generation. Between her chart-topping music and her wildly successful silver screen venture with A Star Is Born, it’s safe to say that the New Yorker has solidified her place within the entertainment industry. By appealing to a variety of audiences with her diverse projects, Stefani Germanotta has expanded her fan base beyond belief, meaning more and more people are willing to drop money on concert tickets to witness the singer in action.

Gaga paired the release of her latest single, “Stupid Love,” with a conveniently-timed tour announcement, but the dates (or lack thereof) left Little Monsters feeling a tad underwhelmed. Hearing that Gaga is hitting the road for the Chromatica Ball might seem like the best news of 2020… until you realize she’s only performing in six cities.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this announcement (aside from the disappointing number of dates) is the fact that Gaga won’t be performing in her home state. Fans pointed out that New York City was questionably excluded from the list and that August 19’s New Jersey show is the closest she’s getting to the Big Apple this time around.

On the bright side, at least the New Jersey show falls on a convenient weekday evening and fans won’t have to cancel important plans, like, say, an actual wedding.

California really got the short end of the stick, perhaps because Enigma has provided Las Vegas and the west coast with more Gaga than they could handle. However, this news has fans scrambling to find flights and tickets for shows on the other side of the country… or the world, for that matter.

Speaking of countries, Gaga isn’t doing any favors for fans outside of the United States, Canada, France or England. The staggeringly limited list of dates has millions of fans feeling like the tweet below.

Some fans are taking the news in stride and suggesting alternate solutions, like a tour DVD β€” something that the Born This Way Ball could’ve benefitted from considering the unfortunate injury that led to its heartbreaking cancellation.

Others are upset and confused over the fact that one of the world’s biggest superstars isn’t capitalizing on her success.

While the Chromatica Ball dates are a bit of a let down, the root of the problem could be Gaga’s own manager, Bobby Campbell, as the tweet below implies.

While it might not be her most extensive tour, it’s safe to say that the Chromatica Ball will be a phenomenal experience for those that are lucky enough to attend one of the shows. Gaga’s a renowned performer and this digital age ensures that someone somewhere will provide excellent footage via an iPhone camera. It’s the least we could possibly hope for.

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