Grouplove Get Funky in Their Radio-Friendly New Single “Youth”

Sometimes, “expected” is exactly what we need in this world.

In a world that’s wracked with turmoil, uncertainty and despair, sometimes, all we need is a catchy pop song to get us through bad times — and consistently, and reliably Grouplove delivers what will surely be the song of the summer — or at least show up on every summer playlist.

Coming off of their upcoming album Healer, “Youth” is a funky, disco-flavored synth-pop number that doesn’t deviate too much from other recognizable hits from the band, like “Tongue Tied” or “Ways to Go.” While Grouplove certainly are not reinventing the wheel here, it’s still a nice, refreshing song that will be great to hear over the airwaves as the temperature picks up.

(In retrospect, maybe that was the whole point — the song itself is about being young and enjoying your life while you can, which is perfect for a summer pop song. Almost too perfect, if we’re being frank.)

It’s a simple song about having fun, and given that we’re in a complete state of absolute panic right now, it is genuinely a nice reprieve from the doom and gloom of the news.

The song is exactly what we expected, and the music video is also typical Grouplove fare, with something that’s both wonderfully weird and slightly whimsical. With a vague plot line of an older woman learning how to enjoy herself, the video itself goes into weird and slightly confusing territory quickly. But it’s still fun to watch, and naturally, doesn’t take itself all too seriously, which is always a plus considering how self important artists can get.

Much like their other hits, “Youth” will absolutely get played to death on radio — and more than that, weave its way into your mind and get stuck there for weeks on end.

We hope you like this song because you’ll definitely be singing it nonstop through the summer.

Featured Image: Atlantic Records