Bazzi "Young & Alive"

Bazzi’s New Single Is Making Us Feel “Young & Alive”

After some time away, singer-songwriter Bazzi is back with some new music that reminds us what it means to be young and alive. This single is Bazzi’s newest since 2019 and will be featured on his newest project. This song celebrates young love and youthfulness that we all long for!

Bazzi posted this among many other teasers on his Instagram and fans were going wild over the idea of some new music.

Like I mentioned earlier, “Young & Alive” celebrates young love and youthfulness as sung by the 22-year-old. Something that we have found interesting about the song is that it relates to a much younger and carefree time that all listeners can relate to. First, he sings about riding his bike like he’s too young to drive. Then Bazzi has other references like AOL, running around high school football games and saying he is “careless and free like it’s 2005.” The sound of the song’s a little bit slower, yet it’s super lighthearted and fun, so it plays both sides. The lyrics of the chorus are the most relatable. Check them out: “Ridin’ my bike like I’m too young to drive // Careless and free like it’s 2005 // Had to chill the fuck out, take a trip outside // To have fun with my friends like I’m young and alive.” We all wish to go back to the simpler times, and through this song, we’re able to reminisce.

Bazzi is currently working on his next album and we’re hoping for a quick release of some new music. Until then, you should definitely check out the music video for Bazzi’s “Young & Alive” with us here:

Featured Image: Atlantic Records

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