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Tyler Posey’s Pop-Punk Project Gives Us Major Blink-182 Vibes

LA-based pop-punk band Five North recently dropped their debut EP Scumbag, a collection of eight high-energy tracks reminiscent of early 2000s pop-punk bands like Good Charlotte and Blink-182. The trio’s composed of actor Tyler Posey, Kyle Murphy and Scott Eckel, all pals from California who bonded over their love of rock music and skateboarding (of course).

The EP is a cathartic ode to the early days of pop-punk, which any former (or current) emo kid will dive into and enjoy. Scumbag opens with the upbeat “Drunk Cat,” which sounds like it could be a Simple Plan deep cut. Next up is the lead single, “This Mess,” which is accompanied by a cinematic, horror movie-inspired music video, featuring a bloody Posey going back to his Teen Wolf roots.

The EP is a very solid effort, jam-packed with tracks that sound like they could have been featured on the One Tree Hill soundtrack. “Happier Now” is a fast-paced track about longing for a past relationship, featuring Posey’s vocals over a catchy pop beat.

A standout track is “Echo,” with an incredibly catchy vocal melody over a twinkly guitar riff that sounds like the perfect backing track to a summer road trip. “Homesick” is a heavy track about romanticizing the past — even when it’s not in your best interest. The perfectly melodramatic lyrics, “I miss you every fucking day. // Every fucking day,” are sung during a very emo breakdown.

“Back To The Day” explores growing up and moving on, and the bittersweet realization that you can never really return to the way things were when you were just seventeen. The final track, “Whiskey Breath,” features the retelling of a relationship through little details — like the smell of perfume and whiskey — accompanied by a beautiful-yet-heartbreaking acoustic guitar strum over layered vocals.

The EP proves that Posey & Co. are very talented at bringing back early ’00s pop-punk sounds into a more modern age. The trio brings undeniable energy into the tracks, while still maintaining sonic cohesiveness and gut-wrenching relatable lyrics about breakups, growing up and even just skateboarding around town.

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