Ava Max "Kings & Queens"

Ava Max Reigns With Her Feminist Anthem “Kings & Queens”

Ever since her breakout hit “Sweet But Psycho,” Ava Max has been keen on releasing a variety of singles that illustrate her artistic capabilities. “Kings & Queens” serves as a first taste into her highly anticipated debut album, which has yet to be announced. The song sees Max returning to her roots and the catchy pop that made her so successful in the first place, with a feminist twist.

Max isn’t new to incorporating important messages into her pop bangers (See: “So Am I”). In fact, that paralleled Max to other pop icons such as Madonna or Lady Gaga when her career was first blossoming. Due to this, it seems very natural that “Kings & Queens” features production from frequent Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez collaborator, RedOne.

The song has an anthemic chorus that samples Bonnie Tyler‘s “If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man),” serving as a great ear-worm. Max sings of how the world would be a better place if it were ruled by women rather than men, as the hook describes, “If all of the kings have their queens on the throne // We would pop champagne and raise a toast.” The lyrics are not revolutionary, but they’re
very empowering. The song’s intent is to be fun and accessible, while sending a message. Profound messages, such as women empowerment, can be simplified in order to reach larger audiences. This technique should not be discounted, as it often is by pop critics. The song features a strong electric guitar riff that transitions into the bridge and finishes the song, accompanied by impressive vocals from Max. This is one the highlights of “Kings & Queens.”

”Kings & Queens” is a solid attempt from Ava Max, taking much influence from other pop royalty, as she continues to establish herself as a new artist. It features powerful ideas within its lyrics, great classic pop production with rock influences and is great fun overall. It suffers slightly from its repetitive and short nature, but the song should still be a hit for Max as she launches her debut era. Watch her Official Visualizer for “Kings & Queens” below.

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