The Killers "Caution"

The Killers Release a New Single in This Time of “Caution”

Amidst the chaos of what is happening around the world right now with the Coronavirus, artists are still finding ways to provide some relief and that comes with new music. Alt-rock group The Killers are aiding into the relief with their first single since January 2019. “Caution” is seemingly fitting for the situation at hand, and while the song is not politically-based like some of their others, it still allows for some thinking about what’s going on.

The Killers teased fans with this video on Instagram, captioning it #Caution. Fans can see a glimpse into the fun of recording the song (and the new album that’s soon to come)! Check out that post:

The song really comes at a time when tensions are extremely high, so it allows for fans to feel a sense of relief with new music. The song begins with some synth-style strings. This single also is everything that The Killers fans recognize to be The Killers’ sound, so if you love The Killers, you’ll love this song. From an amazing chorus to a killer (no pun intended) guitar solo and everything in between, “Caution” is a Killers fan’s dream. Something else that’s interesting about the song is that they have Lindsey Buckingham, former Fleetwood Mac vocalist/guitarist, shredding on the guitar. The best part of this song is definitely the chorus. Some of our favorite words from the song are: “I’m throwin’ caution, what’s it gonna be? // Tonight the winds of change are blowing wild and free.” This song can be a reminder for fans to throw caution to the wind as they always say, and to try not to think about the changes that are happening all around us.

While things seem ever-changing these days, new music is what’s holding us together. While The Killers are planning to go on tour this summer/fall, they’ll be postponing the ticket sales until they feel that it’s safe for fans to purchase them. On a brighter note, The Killers will be donating a portion of the ticket sales to the organizations in the touring cities to help with the impact of the Coronavirus. In the meantime, listen to The Killers’ newest single with us here and continue to find positives in the everyday as we navigate this weird time together:

Featured Image: Island Records

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