Rita Ora How to be Lonely

Rita Ora Has Learned “How To Be Lonely” Ahead of Her Third Studio Album

Rita Ora‘s lead single from her upcoming third studio album, “How To Be Lonely,” explores the feelings after a breakup where one is comfortable being by themselves. Rita told iHeart Radio that it’s about
“going through a breakup at the time, and I’ve never felt better being by myself.” She said that at times it’s OK to be alone.

Co-written by Lewis Capaldi, the song relates to the shared feeling of finding solace with oneself amongst feeling lost during a breakup. After the success of her songs “Anywhere,” “Your Song” and “Lonely Together,” “How To Be Lonely” shows the progression of self-love after the discussion of being a “little less lonely together.”


Ora sings, “Feeling like losing you will show me how to be lonely // But am I good enough to tell you that I love you more than most?”

Rita performed it live for the first time for Sport Relief 2020. Her performance heightened the meaning of the song as she took center stage alone and featured dancers paired as couples. Rita told KISS UK that it’s good to have a song about being on your own and that “it’s more important now more than ever with mental issues going on.”

Produced by Aboutagirl, Tom Mann and LOSTBOY, the song tells us how Rita has progressed through her personal life to reach a newlevel of confidence in herself. As she told KISS UK, she trusts her gut when it comes to her music, as she always has done since the release of her first single “Hot Right Now.”

Amongst all of the uncertainty, it’s great to have a song that talks about issues that mention the good parts about being alone!

Check out the live performance of the song ahead of the music video release here:

Featured Image: Atlantic Records UK

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