Luke Bryan "One Margarita"

Luke Bryan Reminds Us to Live Life “One Margarita” At a Time

While what is going on around us seems ever-changing with the outbreak of the coronavirus, one thing stays the same: music. Many artists are still releasing new music through this time to get us through the worldwide pandemic, and Luke Bryan is helping us all out with his newest single and music video. “One Margarita” is Luke’s latest single and is really a reminder that we need to take life one step at a time right now. Something amazing about this song and music video is that it’s showing us that with good friends (and good drinks) there are positives to this situation, and what we can look forward to with life after this troubling time.

Even though Luke Bryan has been incredibly busy with this season of American Idol, he has still found time to bring us new music and music videos that definitely lighten the mood. Check out the teaser video that Luke posted to Instagram just before the release of the single. It really makes us wish we could have all been with the Luke Bryan crew on beach party day!

Luke Bryan is no stranger to a party and his music brings an infectious sense of happiness to fans, so it’s no surprise that a song named “One Margarita” would be about having a great time with your friends and family. First, the song is catchy and really brings a beach-y feel to the country music world. They lyrics are part of what makes the song so great. Some of our favorite lyrics are “Tiki bars tik’n, pourin’ all weekend // Clouds ain’t leakin’ no rain // Two pieces a-shakin’, white caps a-breakin’ // We ain’t feelin’ no pain, it goes like // One margarita, two margarita, three margarita, shot // Don’t worry ’bout tomorrow // Leave all your sorrow out here on the floatin’ dock.” We love the feel-good lyrics about leaving all of our sorrows behind and enjoying a good time!

Additionally, the music video makes the song that much better! The music video was shot during Luke’s time in Mexico for his annual Crash My Playa festival. The music video was filmed on the scenic beaches and you can tell that everyone in the video truly was having an amazing time. There were also some familiar faces in the video, including his wife, mother, members of Old Dominion and Caylee Hammack. Just watching Luke and his fun-filled self in the video makes everything that’s going on better and reminds us to take things “One Margarita” at a time.

Lucky for fans, we’ll be able to join our own Luke Bryan parties this summer while he is on his Proud to be Here tour. Until then, fans can watch him with his American Idol teammates, and his new music video, which will lighten the mood with us here:

Featured Image: Instagram (@lukebryan)

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