Alma Redefines Herself in Have You Seen Her? (Part II)

Just one week ago, Finnish pop singer-songwriter Alma dropped three new songs ahead of her upcoming album, bundled into a mini project Have You Seen Her? (Part II). Consider this new release a peek into what we can expect from Alma after recently redefining the genre in which her music lies.

After signing a deal with Sony Music Germany/RCA Records in 2019, Alma admits that she finally feels ready to make the music she has always dreamed of. Since switching record labels, the 24-year-old has released the first piece of her new era, Have You Seen Her? (Part 1). This 2-track project features a notable collaboration with Swedish pop star Tove Lo. To accompany this new experimental project, she just released Have You Seen Her? (Part II).

Known for blurring the lines between pop, punk and alternative, this most recent project shows us many angles of Alma’s talent and range. The project includes three tracks from the upbeat opener “Stay All Night,” to an angsty pop anthem “King of The Castle,” to an emotional conclusion “Find Me.”

Alma lays down a strong foundation with the first track “Stay All Night.” The song acts as a theatrical narration of Alma’s thoughts, doubts and anxiety. She admits that she constantly demands “all the answers” even when she doesn’t know the question at hand. She bluntly states, “My mama said we only got two options // Either we gonna live or we die.” With this belief system in place, Alma convinces herself to “Stay All Night” to avoid missing out on anything important that could happen.

The singer recently shared, “I wrote this song for myself, which confuses a lot of people as it feels like it’s for someone else. At the time, I really needed some encouragement to be free and not think about the ‘what ifs’ in life. Now, when I’m feeling anxious I just ask myself, “Would it really be that f**king bad?’ Maybe I should just stay all night.”

“King of the Castle” elaborates on the power dynamic Alma experiences between her career and herself. The ambitious artist shares that she had always longed for a successful career in music and often romanticized what fame would feel like. She sings, “I’ve been dreaming since I was seventeen // I wanted everything // I thought it’s gonna be different.” However, once she reached her own standard of success, she soon realized that not everything is all fun and games. Feeling unsatisfied, Alma frames herself as “King of the Castle” and regrets her crown. She wishes someone would come and save her. On a deeper level, this song acts as a metaphor for how many people with depression and anxiety feel helpless. Although her lyrical content remains melancholy, Alma spices up this track with layered vocals that amplify the chorus.

Closing out Have You Seen Her? (Part II) is the soft lingering ballad “Find Me.” The song is by far the most personal and emotionally charged track shared during Alma’s new Have You Seen Her? era. Coming from a place of deep fear and isolation, she sings, “Paranoia now from the sirens // Invincible, concussion from the violence // But you know all the places where I’m hiding // So come on, find me.” The gentle vulnerability of “Find Me” is ultra-refreshing to hear from Alma since she’s always remained a bit mysterious and guarded in her past work.

To complement the song, Alma’s team released a quaint lyric video encompassing a similar concept to the Where’s Waldo? children’s puzzle books. The video features busy illustrations that challenge viewers to scope out where Alma could be.

Perhaps the entire meaning behind the album title represents a journey to finding the “real” Alma. While discussing the album, she explains to Best Fit, “I don’t think people listen to albums the same way anymore, it’s all about singles now. That gave us the idea to release the album in chunks instead of just singles, so people get to put the story together and get more at once. I’ve been making this record for a long time and I would love for people to hear the full story.” Consider this release to be another small puzzle piece to the bigger picture of exactly who (and where) Alma is.

Be sure to stream Have You Seen Her? (Part II) and get ready for her debut album release on May 15!

Featured Image: PME Records