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Here’s How You Can Support Smaller Artists During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As you definitely already know, many industries have taken a hit the past few weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has been affecting thousands across the country and the globe. For the safety of bands, venues and concert-goers, many tours and gigs have been postponed or canceled, which is not only a huge bummer, but also a major financial blow to smaller musicians who rely on these things for their income.

The best thing you can do for small artists who rely on touring and music sales is to support them directly — buy their music, merch, or even just post their music and get their music out there. Times are hard right now, and nobody expects you to dish out your savings on an album, but we all should help each other out as much as we can. It’s a bunch of little things that can help artists out. Many small bands also work part-time jobs, like in food service, which means they are also losing out on money while many businesses close for the next few weeks.

While you are “social distancing” yourself, you might have already gone through your re-watch of Beyonce’s Homecoming, so here are a few bands and artists that could use your help during this time. Be sure to check them out, and if you dig them, maybe buy a record or two? Or be sure to see them when the smoke clears and bands start heading out on the road again. Stay safe out there!

Strange Ranger 

Chill, lay-in-the-sun rock to listen to while cleaning your room after being stuck in there for a week, and pretend you’re lounging out on a beach in summer of ’07, when things were just better. Buy their music here.

Horse Jumper Of Love

Mesmerizing indie rock to listen to while walking your dog (but making no human contact). Buy their music here.

Harmony Woods

Sit on the floor and think about every relationship you’ve ever had and every mistake you’ve ever made while listening to Make Yourself At Home. Buy their latest album here.

Church Girls

Dance in your room to “Nothing” and get all that energy out. Seriously, you’ll get some serious exercise here. Buy their music here.

The Wonder Years

The iconic Philly-based band recently released Burst & Decay (Volume III), which is a must-listen for anyone with anxiety who is trying to relax. Buy here.

Sleep On It
Every self-isolating person needs to have an album to scream along to, and Overexposed is it. Buy here.

Oso Oso

The best music to pretend you are laying on a beach instead of in your bed wearing the same thing for a week. Bask in the glow! Buy their music here.

Insignificant Other

The best music to read your horoscope to, let those perfect harmonies map out your future. Buy their music here.


Let Maria serenade you with angelic vocals, and be sure to support her upcoming album. Buy their music here.


For a heavier vibe, Microwave’s most recent album is a go-ton if you’re feeling that “I need to get out of my room” angst. Buy their music here.

Jeffery Silverstein

These chill tunes will help you mellow out after logging off of Twitter for the first time in days. Buy their music here.

Prince Daddy & The Hyena

Zoom off into space while listening to P Daddy’s latest album full of high-energy tracks to help you get your anger out (in a productive, inside-voices way.) Buy their music here.


Ratboys’ latest album is full of good vibes and great lyrics you’ll almost forget you’ve been locked inside for days. Buy their music here.


AJJ has the magical power to turn all of their folk punk songs into epic stories that will entertain you all day, so there’s a good way to spend your weeks! Buy their music here.


A collection of sick guitar riffs and fast-paced tracks to keep your energy up for the next few weeks. Buy their music here.


Yes, there is a song called End Of The World, but try not to take it too seriously. Buy their music here.

Adult Mom

A dreamy escape from reality: Adult Mom will transport you to better times with layered vocals and light strummy guitars. Buy their music here.

Bartees Strange

Bartees Strange’s soothing vocals covering The National is a must-listen for anyone who feels isolated during these times. Buy their music here.

Have a Good Season

This New Jersey-based band is gearing up to release their debut album, and has put out a few incredible tracks to tide you over. Buy their music here.

Potty Mouth

Get your blood pumping with Potty Mouth, the perfect soundtrack to inspire you to move around your room. Buy their music here.

Wyatt Smith

Smith’s latest release Maple is a collection of beautiful tracks paired with quiet vocals to listen to as you wistfully haze out the window. Buy their music here.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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