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5 Tracks You Didn’t Know Were Produced by The 1975’s George Daniel

You may know George Daniel from his outstanding presence in the group awarded “Best British Band” by NME Awards 2020: The 1975.¬†George is one of the four founding members of the group that formed in the early 2000s as an adolescent after-school hobby. But little did he know that this small friend group from Wilmslow would blow up into one of the most iconic bands of this generation.

Although George has found great success as a drummer and co-producer, alongside Matty Healy, for The 1975, he has contributed to the successful hits of many other artists in the field as well. Considering George’s shy and delicate demeanor during interviews, this The 1975 band member appears a bit more reserved to the public eye. Let’s reflect on George’s greatness he has achieved all before entering his thirties. Happy 30th birthday George!

Featured Image: Instagram (@trumanblack)