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Cardi B’s Coronavirus Rant Remix Is Headed for a Billboard Chart Debut

In funny, lighthearted news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, a rant that Cardi B posted to her Instagram is about to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. If that sounds a little strange to you, you’re not alone! We’re happy to explain how this came to be.


Cardi B’s rant was turned into a song by DJ iMarkkeyz, complete with an EDM beat and remixed vocals. He produced the track and aptly named it “Coronavirus.”

According to initial sales reports from Nielsen Music/MRC Data, the song has sold over 3,000 downloads since its release on March 14. The song is also set to debut on two other Billboard charts aside from the Hot 100: the Digital Song Sales and R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales charts. As of time of publication, it is No. 52 on the iTunes digital songs chart.

The final sales and streams tally for the track ended on Friday, March 19. The total amount (as well as its debut chart position on the Hot 100) are to be released today.

Cardi B has also been promoting the track on her social media channels, originally joking that she was going to “hit the DJ up and Atlantic [Records] for [her] coins.”



She and DJ iMarkkeyz have also agreed to donate the proceeds of the song to food banks and shelters that are overwhelmed with people who have been affected by the coronavirus. The two had a nice Twitter exchange, during which, they clarified that when they received the royalties for the track (which takes some time), they would donate them.

If you want to support the song, it’s available to purchase on iTunes and stream on all streaming platforms.

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