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Two Posthumous Tracks Become Epilogues for Mac Miller’s Circles

Pittsburgh native Mac Miller had been spittin’ rhymes since he was 15. He was always experimental and daring with his music, from mixing genres to confessing about a stressed mind. But the great and powerful Miller passed away in September 2018, leaving us to grieve through his music.

Last week, two tracks were released from the rapper’s family, rounding out the deluxe edition of Circles. The posthumous album blew us away earlier this year, with popular hymns such as “Good News.” “Right” and “Floating” are perfect final touches.

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Circles. January 17.

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“Right” is a smooth slow-jam that hypnotizes us. The beat gradually brings us in. Chill guitar chords combined with quiet drum beats that come and go make for an incredible song. In the song, Mac tells an old significant lover that despite their disputes, he’ll never give up on their love. “Days turn into nights // Conversations turn into fights // We gon’ be alright.” He continues the lullaby-like post-chorus, “Love turn into life // Girl, you been burnin’ so bright // Let me turn off the lights // Stay awake ’til the mornin’, yeah // It ain’t always great // But it’s never borin’, yeah.” He claims that when their love- tory falls into place and they value each other, everything becomes “alright.”

“Floating” is a humbling, emotional closer to the deluxe album. He talks about heaven as a “room somewhere up above the trees” and once you’re there you can “finally get away.” The song portrays the demons of addiction, doubt and hopelessness, which rob our joy and creativity. He transcribed what he was feeling in his lyrics and told the truth, which is what made him an incredible artist.

The whole album is great, staying true to his style, with a twist of R&B flair. The last two tracks add to the feelings provided from the album: clarity and peace.

Listen to the tracks here and get captured by the angel that is Mac:

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