Nothing But Thieves Drop Aptly Named “Is Everybody Going Crazy?” Amid Global Social Distancing Practices

If you are looking for new music to keep you distracted while practicing social distancing, Nothing But Thieves has you covered. For the first time since 2018, the English alt-rock band have dropped a new single.

With blaring guitars and too-close-to-home lyrics, “Is Everybody Going Crazy” is both timely and energetic. As the past year (or even month) has produced all kinds of turmoil throughout the world, Nothing But Thieves acknowledge that, as well as the options for escapism. Through relationships and even music, we are trying to find some balance in all of the crazy.

Lyrically, Nothing But Thieves really hit the nail right on the head. They vividly describe the feeling of the world falling down and even wanting to be somebody else. Lines such as, “I’m ready now // To have a change of skin // The day doesn’t set // The world just spins,” illustrate feelings of hopelessness.

One of the band’s strong suits has always been their lyrics. “Is Everybody Going Crazy” is proof that their knack for great lyrics continues into their new music. In times of emotional struggle, listeners can latch onto these words. They aren’t alone in the uncertainty.

Musically, the single is a heavy-hitter. Just from listening to the blaring intro, we are already hooked. The riffs are smooth, yet heavy. Coupled with lead singer Conor Mason‘s fluctuating vocals, the tune is sharp. The instrumentals keep listeners wondering and wanting more. Production (by Mike Crossey) is fresh and energetic. As a lead single for a third album, “Is Everybody Going Crazy?” blends the best of Nothing But Thieves while showing growth.

Nothing says excitement quite like one of your favorite bands sharing new music during tough times. “Is Everybody Going Crazy?” may have had a perfectly-timed release. They’re back and stronger than before. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for them as it’s been three years since their last studio album.

Until then, catch us dancing to “Is Everybody Going Crazy?” alone all throughout our apartments. It’s the perfect way to stay active while staying indoors!

Featured Image: Sony Music Entertainment

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