Selena Gomez Kick-Starts Good Vibes in “Dance Again” Video

Due to everything in the news, we all could use a dance break, and Selena Gomez is starting the trend! Similar to the video for “Look At Her Now,” the music video for “Dance Again,” which was released last week, has no episodic telling of the song’s theme, nor other people with her. Rather, Selena is alone, swinging to the rhythm of the music — it’s three minutes of dancing and shaking off the drama!

When Rare dropped in January, we couldn’t get enough of it! From the emotional ballad “Lose You to Love Me” to the awesome and compelling bop we all needed, “Look At Her Now,” the album contains songs about empowerment and overcoming obstacles. After a brief break in the music scene, since the release of Revival in 2016, Selena Gomez has returned… G-bless!

Along with a new video, Selena introduced a new line of “Dance Again”-themed merchandise, in an effort to contribute to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund. Selena’s passionate about the organization, which is aiming to offer financial support to musicians affected by the global pandemic. “It feels a little strange releasing something so lighthearted in the middle of such a heavy time for our world,” she revealed on Instagram. “But I also think it’s a good reminder that we will get through this together.”

The video for her hit “Dance Again” begins in a studio space, with dark blue hues on the walls from spotlights. Selena comes forward in a mesmerizing ‘fit: metallic silk dress, dark makeup, beautiful curls and statement earrings. “Happiness,” she softly sings with confidence, “ain’t something you sit back and you wait for.” This line is a strong opener and allows fans to absorb the message.

Seconds later, the lights are cast on her silhouette and she starts to dance! The beat is disco-heavy and filled with a bright energy, which is tangent from her past material, yet a trend in the new album. She is carefree as she twirls and spins to the beat of the song. The song concludes with her lyrics: “I kick-start the rhythm // All the drama’s in remission // No, I don’t need permission,” which can pertain to this time: take a break from the news, put on some music and escape for a few minutes.

Kick-start the rhythm here:

Featured Image: Interscope Records