YBN Nahmir "2 Seater"

YBN Nahmir, G-Eazy and Offset Come Together for “2 Seater”

On Wednesday, YBN Nahmir decided to have a surprise single drop for fans. The track featured G-Eazy and Offset, and was produced by another powerful trio of Go Grizzly, Smash David and Hitmaka.



The single serves as an opportunity for the trio to flaunt their opulent lifestyles, featuring women and the cars. YBN opens up the chorus rapping about his Mercedes-Benz and flying in a girl, for him to be with. G-Eazy says his verses, talking about his Ferrari, the Chick-fil-A drive-thru and a foreign car, while in his foreign car. Offset’s verses include his 2020 Mulsanne, flying his wealth and his foreign girls.



This track, as an entirety, turns out to be more mellow than YBN Nahmir’s other singles. The beat, produced by the trio, allows G-Eazy, Offset and Nahmir to tell their stories in a slow beat, rather than Nahhmir’s previous fast beats. Eazy provides his natural set of vocals at the beginning of the track, to include his own authentic signature mark.

Along with the single drop, YBN provided fans with a music video. Listen to the single and let us know your thoughts on it!



Featured Image: Atlantic Records

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