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Kang Daniel Makes Polished Spring Comeback With CYAN EP

Kang Daniel is a former member of Wanna One and is now a high-profile soloist and CEO of Konnect Entertainment. The artist went through legal and personal setbacks in 2019, but managed to take creative control and creative reign of his career, and released his debut EP, Color on Me, last summer. Although things seemed to be going well for the singer, everything that happened is still a lot to handle (especially for a young artist), and understandably, led to him taking a hiatus at the end of last year.

Daniel is now back with his new EP CYAN, along with the title track, “2U.” Daniel is at an experimental stage with his new works and aims to find his true “color” along the way. Just like the cool vibes given off from the color cyan, the music on the five-track project is a breezy and sophisticated pop paradise.

“2U” is a synth-pop spring love song and features some of the most creative and fun choreography to date.The accompanying music video matches the upbeat nature of the song with a youthful and vibrant concept.

“Jealous” continues the theme and style of “2U,” and is an infectious electro-pop track. “Interview” is a flirty and groovy R&B song with sweet vocals and delightful harmonies.

The EP also includes the previously released “Adulthood” and “Touchin’” as the opening and closing tracks, respectively. “Adulthood” is another track that shows off his strong vocals and unique tone. As the second single released after his debut, “What are you up to,” “Touchin” was a solid follow-up and highlights his artistry and potential as an artist.

Daniel’s new project is a polished and fresh start, and establishes remarkable potential for him as a budding soloist in the K-pop industry.

Listen to Kang Daniel’s Cyan now:

Featured Image: Konnect Entertainment

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