Bad Bunny "En Casita"

Bad Bunny Teams Up With His Girlfriend for Quarantine Song “En Casita”

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut the world down in an unprecedented manner, which includes government-mandated quarantines across the board. Puerto Rico imposed an island-wide curfew, alongside several other strict safety measures, to prevent further spread of the virus. One of the island’s superstar musicians, Bad Bunny, used this as inspiration for a surprise new track released via SoundCloud. Teaming up with his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, the duo wrote and recorded “En Casita,” to detail the ups and downs of being home all day.

The “Yo Perreo Sola” singer admitted that he recorded “En Casita” on his iPhone voice notes as a way to pass the time, though he adorably mentioned that he was thrilled about his girlfriend’s involvement. The lyrics are incredibly relatable, with the rapper stating, “Ahora despierto hasta las sei’, to’ el día jugando Play” (“Now awake until 6 a.m., playing PlayStation all day”) and “Se acabó la leche, diablo, despue’ que yo eché el Corn Flakes” (“The milk ran out, damn, after I poured out the Corn Flakes”).

Bad Bunny’s long-time girlfriend Gabriela debuted her vocal chops on the track, chiming in for one of the choruses, and harmonizing with her partner-in-quarantine. They sing about their plans for a post-pandemic world, which include seeing loved ones. However, the duo is all about following regulations and staying home for the time being.

While “En Casita” is endearing and relatable, the severity of the situation is presented with lyrics like, “No quiero morir, tampoco romper la ley” (“I don’t want to die or break the law”), which serve as a reminder of the very real dangers of not following the aforementioned guidelines. Bad Bunny has joined the crowd of superstars using their platform to promote the importance of self-quarantine. After all, practicing social distancing is the least we can do to flatten the curve and bring an end to this historic crisis.

Featured Image: Instagram (@badbunnypr)

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