Madison Beer Displays Heartfelt Vulnerability in “Stained Glass”

Singer-songwriter Madison Beer is back with a new single that’s truly one fans will be able to relate to. This song is so relatable, because Madison speaks to her own fears and feelings about her mental state. The song released early, due to the comments and demands of her listeners when she debuted the song live on her Instagram.

Check out Madison Beer’s new single, “Stained Glass,” here and then read our thoughts on the song:

Behind the lyrics to this powerful song, Madison sings over a piano, until the chorus, which brings in the drums. This song is slow and poised, holding so much meaning. Madison wrote about the song under the official YouTube video, saying, “I wrote Stained Glass at a time where I was really struggling mentally. This song was my message, not only to the public, but to those around me, to be more gentle on people and not judge them so hard, because you never know what someone’s been through.” On top of that, the chorus is impeccably written and it really brings into focus what she is talking about. “My skin is made of glass // But apparently it’s stained // ‘Cause you notice all the cracks // But can’t look inside my pain // And if you throw another stone // Then I’d stay far away, far away // I just might break.” The powerful lyrics of the chorus lead into the rest of the song, and it really sheds a light on the inner thoughts of Madison and the way many of her fans may feel. This is definitely one of her most beautifully and powerfully written songs.

Fans will be getting some more new music from Madison Beer in the upcoming months, ultimately leading to her newest album, Life Support. Life Support will be released later this year, and if her recent singles are anything like the rest of the album, it’s going to be heartfelt and fans will be able to relate to it. We’re definitely excited for it!

Featured Image: Epic Records